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My house flooded… this SUCKS!!!!

Well last weekend we came home from a long weekend trip to find the water filter on the fridge had cracked and leaked water in the house. The damage consists of;
1100 sq. ft of hardwood flooring twisted and bowed with the finish flaking off
Base board trim swelled and bowed
The basement ceiling fell in
The carpet in the basement is know trash
TV, stereo, surround sound, wii, DVD, phone and cable box is water logged in the basement
The pool table felt is wet
Couch is wet
Cabinets may be bad
Anyone have any dealing with insurance adjusters and will they try to stiff me? Any advice????

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Man Q Dawg I hate that for you. I deal with insurance on a daily business in the car business and if it's one of the major insurance companies you shouldn't have a problem.

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Well so sorry to hear about this. Sounds like a real bummer. We have had a couple of minor incidents where the drip pan on the indoor portion of the Central AC (located in the attic) got plugged and overflowed. Insurance folks always treated us super right. Surely and hopefully you will have the same expurience.

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Send me a PM with the name of your homeowner's carrier. If it is not a carrier I represent, I can give some tips. I've been an insurance company lawyer for 25+ years. I'm not licensed in your state but I can help with the basic stuff.

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Sorry to hear abot it, Whats a basement?
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Originally Posted by 007bond-jb
Sorry to hear abot it, Whats a basement?
JB: It's a big hole in the ground ya set yer house over, yall call yers a well er a swimmin hole!

QD: sure sorry bout that, it sucks. Whenever we leave fer a length a time we shut that stuff off now. Don't like comin home ta surprises like that!
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Hang in the Que~Dawg. Went thru a situation with insurance last winter due to an ice storm. Yeah I know....Ice Kentucky? What can I in Kentucky Take Griff up on his offer, sounds like he can provide some useful help.

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QD, I don't think you will have a problem with the insurance company. It only is a problem if it's ground water from what I understand.
I hope this isn't negative!
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This is why I turn off the main water supply and unplug every thing in the house (not the refrigerator) when we go down to camp. Sorry to hear Que Dawg. Hope the pool table can be saved.

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That's a major bummer Q Dawg, hope things are back to normal soon.

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