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Favorite Seinfeld Episode

Someone had to...okay ...no they didn't, but I did anyway.

The Chicken Roaster.

I love the Mr Marbles section.
[JERRY]: If I'm gonna live over there, you gotta take some of this stuff out. I mean this thing is really freaking me out. I feel like its gonna come to life in the middle of the night and kill me.
(Jerry holds up a doll)

[KRAMER]: Mr. Marbles? He's harmless.



Kenny Rogers Roasters opens in the neighborhood and the large neon chicken sign beams right into Kramer's apartment window. Jerry meets an old college buddy who he talks into missing a meeting that it turns out was important enough to get him fired. Elaine makes liberal use of the Peterman expense account. Including a big hat for George, that he tries leaving at the saleswoman's apartment in an attempt to get a second date with her. Elaine tries to justify her expenses to the accounting department and needs the hat. Jerry's college friend becomes "manager" of the chicken place. Kramer and Jerry switch apartments; however, more than just the apartment gets switched. Newman gets Kramer hooked on Kenny's chicken. Elaine brings George to the saleswoman's apartment, dragging George by the ear, in an attempt to retrieve the hat. Jerry's "friend" Bob sells fake Russian hats, but it doesn't help Elaine. Jerry demands his apartment back when he finds out Kramer is hooked. Elaine goes to Burma in search of Peterman to get her expenses authorized. George keeps scheming to get that second date. The fake Russian hat has an impact on the chicken business.

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There are too many! The cuban one where Kramer lights his hair on fire while lighting a cigar is definitely up there!

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Where George, got caught by his mother, in control of his own pleasure.
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Originally Posted by jminion
Where George, got caught by his mother, in control of his own pleasure.
Jim, I believe he was "Treating himself like an amusement park!!"...that was a great one!!

I like the one were Kramer's face started to turn leathery from all the smoking and card playing he had been doing.

<Kramer> "Look away Jerry...I'm hideious!!"...too funny!!
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Mine was the episode where they bet to see who will go the longest without pleasuring themselves. Within five minutes of them all agreeing to the bet Kramer sees some woman outside and excuses himself to his apartment, he's back in a minute making his grand entrance and states, "I'M OUT!!"

IMHO probably the best comedy show ever on TV.
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"The sea was angry that day my friend....like an old man trying to return soup at the deli."
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Mine was.... NONE! How do you guys watch that crap, he is so boring and his voice goes through me
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It's a toss up between several. The NHL playoff game ep..with Puddy "Devils...DEVILS!" also the ep with the overdue book at the Library. Mr. Bookman was classic.
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One of my favorites is the one where Jerry and Elaine go to Fla to speak at the Seinfields homeowners association dinner for Mr. Sienfeld. Elaine gets into the muscle relaxers...."ADRIANE"
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Besides "Master of His Domain", I liked the one where George has an epipheny and realizes that he is a loser because he always makes the wrong choices in life, so therefore if he does the opposite he'd have to be a success. George tries his theory on the girl at the counter and tells her the truth (something the old George would never do), "Hello, I'm George, I'm single, unemployed, and I live with my parents." By the end of the show George gets the girl, calls out some jerks at the movie, theater, turns down sex (well actually coffee, but everyone knows from Seinfeld that an invitation for coffee is an invitation for sex), and gets the job as the assistant to the travelling secretary with the N.Y. Yankees by telling George Steinbrenner off.

My favorite line is when George's girl friend asks him, George Costanza
who are you? And his classic reply. "Baby, I'm the opposite of every man you ever met!"

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