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Day Two Test of the Pomaoano Rig

I know this is boring to some, but it is a hobby for others. I don't sit down for hours on end when I go fishing and pay dearly the next day. I can hardly walk.. Walking on sand is a bigtime workout... Maybe smoked Pompanos today? My diary entry with many spelling errors.......

Well, there is going to be a whole week of crappy weather coming so I decided to try out some fishing this morning. I got off work at 0630 and drove directrly to "Costal" Bait and bought a pound of dead shrimps. Next stop was the "Stripes" Store on the corner of "Whitecap" to get a beach parking permit for $12.00. Put my sticker on in the parking lot. Glad I did too, because they were checking at south Packery beach aka JP Luby park. Drove into the park and looked to the beach. All the water was gone.. What the heck? A super low tide was happening. The wade gut was dry. Parked about 300 yards from the jetties and started to fish using " Fish Bites" Orange shrimp and dead shrimp on the new "POMP Rig".. well, I got one whiting. Colin was supposed to meet me there but never showed up.. Pinche Juey!!!! ... Anyway my Coworker " Gordo" showed up and started eating my "fish bites" off the ice chest.. I yelled at the top of my lings" Stoppit pendejo those aren't cheetos".. He wasted and 3 of them. Unbelievable I tell ya. He was sick so I asked him to wade out to the 3rd sand bar and watch me fish. I decided to go the channel and use the skiddo can and examine my waders seams.. They were leaking around the ... well you know...and it was very unconfortable.. They had come unglued.. Anyone had that problem before? I did my thing and then saw about 50 pelicans scooping up fish in the first gut. I drove to them and they flew away so I cast netted for arounf 5 minutes and didn't get a thing. Next, I told "Gordo" to follow me to the beach 400 yards south of Bob Hall Pier. I think we stopped at mile marker 238???? It looked like a killer spot. I waded out past the first gut and casted as far as I can..??? Got 2 giant whitings.. Well I see this weird looking vehicle drining towards me real fast playiong Rap music.. It was a old rusted out jeep.. The drivers name is COLON. He says " sup" and get out his tackle as starts fishing. We both pick up 1/2 hundred whitings. I got total of 6 POMPs. Only kept 3 eatable sized ones. The tide started to come in and we had to keep moving our trucks. Some lady was walkinjg a dog and saw one og our whiting and said."Is that the catch of the day or just bait"...I told her It was food for the future. Many :Potlickers" showed up and were trying to figure out what and how we rig up the DCD3's... Ha Ha Ha.. It's a mystery...I never let "Gordo" cast any of my rods. He only got to reel in fish since both rods were going off at the same time. I looked over there one time and he was letting my "Abu Big Game" fall into the water... I got pissed and yelled at him. I felt bad later and COLON gave him a hug. You da man COLON..Aboutn 15:00 we decidec to fillet all the whitings and gut and gill the Pomps, then go to Burger King on Saratoga and pig out. It tasted very good. We smelled bad and everyone was looking at us.. Oh well.. Money talks!!.. Next stop was Casa de Sapo.. Cleaned everything and took a shower. I can't hardly walk right now since my ankles are swollen.. I'll see yall at the sand soon I hope..

God Bless, S.S.
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from TeamSurfinSapo on Vimeo.


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Cool set up with the rod holders on the truck there SS.

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Cool SS,

Question... Why is the ice chest in front of the truck blockin air to the radiator?

Did someone steal your bed?
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Originally Posted by 007bond-jb
Cool SS,

Question... Why is the ice chest in front of the truck blockin air to the radiator?

Did someone steal your bed?
Because that is the way it is designed. It is a beach fishing set-up where one can fish for 15 minutes and if no bites just jump in the truck and drive a bit further and try again. We keep the bait "Shrimp, etc..." & the catch on ice and easy access...Oh... the speed limit is only 15 MPH on the beach too.. Good lookin out JB...
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Cause with the cooler up there the beer be at least 10 foot closer ta ya!

Surf fishin ain't fer me, but sure looks like a nice day an a great spot! As long as a feller enjoys what he be doin, that is what its all bout!
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Looks like an awesome day of fun in the sun with good friends SS.
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Sweet Sapo! I love pompano!!
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Well that was very interesting Sapo. Only thing is I think I see some undrsized ones going on the stringer. Now is this hot or warm? Mind if I forward this over to the Rabbit Sheriff/Perch Pimp down in your part of the world? Do you and your chums have a clean conscience? Like Griff say...Dont open the door.

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Nice rig you got there Sapo, makin it easier to get around fishin is the key.

Was that a bait you were holdin or your catch
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When are you going to mass produce that rig?

Geaux Tigers
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