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Big Easy: Beer Can Chicken [2 photos, kinda long too]

Hey guys I know this will break yer heart but you won't see my smiling mug in this thread. Lucky You!

I had some friends over yesterday while we watched my Redskins stomp Detroit into the turf to a 34-3 victory.... but I digress. Hail Skins

So while we were watching the most easy thing I could think to cook was a 7lb Oven Stuffer Roaster Chicken. So at half time I grabbed the bird from frig and washed it up and got that bag of guts out of the inside too. I salt and pepered the inside and then hit the whole outside of the bird with some simple Olive Oil and salt and pepper. I grabbed one of my Wife's Pops [cus I ain't using one of mine in a chicken wazoo] and slide the bird down without a peep.

Dropped that into the Big Easy basket and jogged out side with a pop. Dropped the bird in the cold cooker and hit the gas to it's one and only setting, clicked the igniter a few times and she was lite and I was heading back inside. Total time 5 minutes to prep and light. That's Big Easy man.

I had my remote probe along with the one that came with the Big Easy cooker. It [Big EZ Thermometer] wound up being low which is why my first bird was over done.

About an hour [or a few pops] the breast was at 170 degrees and I shut the gas off, grabbed the basket with hook and back inside I went. I let her rest for a bit and carved her up and ate just about the whole thing either by the first eating or as people picked on it.

Great fun day and tasty Big Easy food.
Gotta love it.

Here is the front. I left the wire lid on a tad too long and it browned her up a tad more than I wanted. Look how nice and crispy the skin is. Yumm!

Here is the back. Look at how golden that bad boy is.

I have to do another just like it tomorrow for the MonkeySee people too so it was another test practice. Worked great.

Oh, I used a lil aluminum pan in my drip pan and we used the dripping to make Gravy. Yumm boy, yumm.

Have a great day folks
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Yard bird yum yum

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Looks gooood!!!
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Dam that look like JB New York blacken chicken skin
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That looks really good mike!
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Originally Posted by BONE HEADS
That looks really good mike!
I made a video yesterday using it to make 2 bunkbed chickens in the thing at 1 time. Turned out great and I love the thing for sure.
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Looks good Mike!

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Go Big Blue!!!
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Nice looking chicken Mike. Possibly my favorite food.
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I'm doing another couple Beer Can Chickens today and maybe a Meatloaf to see if it's possible.

Anyway here is a 6lb+ Purdue Oven Stuffer Roaster Yardbird. You can get the smaller standard size birds but I say not for this. You want a big plump meat filled bird. The smaller ones I get for cutting in 1/2 or in as many as 10 pieces if you cut breast in two.

This bird was cleaned and dried and hit with olive oil a little pepper and salt and my Pit Pirate Bird Rub. [Sapo look it's not in a baggie now. lol]

Here you can see it set down in Big Easy and I have put a pan inside my drip pan to catch drippings.

The Meat was at 39 degrees when I put it in at 11:30am est.

I put on the lid and kicked back.

11:30 am - 39 degrees
11:45 am - 55 degrees
Noon - 97 degrees

The Meatloaf is on my mind now. I may mix it now and let it "Set" in the frige till cook time. Then set on my wire rack on pieces of Bacon. I knew I could use bacon today!!!!

Cooking steady as she goes Captain
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And just that quick it's done.

12:15 pm - 137 degrees
12:30 pm - 163 degrees
12:40 pm - 170 degrees
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