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Questions on smokers..building one..

I am new here, but love smoking and bbq. I see all these smokers, but a lot of them are UDS? I take it that means Upright Drum Smoker?

I alwasy thought a sideways drum with some sort of firebox attachment(whether it be another drum or a steel or brick box, or the side end of single drum.

My question is, what would be best for me? I love cooking ribs,chicken, etc.. and love slow cooking?

Does anyone here have a sideways drum smoker????

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Re: Questions on smokers..building one..

UDS generally means "Ugly Drum Smoker". I have always cooked on bullet-type smokers (first a Brinkmann Gourmet, now a Weber Smokey Mountain) so the vertical orientation is what I'd use if I were to build a drum smoker. There is another style, using two drums (lower for a firebox, upper for the cooking chamber) that looks interesting, too: ... efault.jsp

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Re: Questions on smokers..building one..

Do the upright drums I see here have any advantages? When say it comes to ribs? Roast? Pork butt? Steaks?

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Re: Questions on smokers..building one..

I have never used a sideways drum smoker so don't know about advantages over one that stands upright but i do own a UDS. Bullet smokers that include UDS and WSM are relatively cheap and easy to use so that would be my recommendation to you.
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Re: Questions on smokers..building one..

Couldn't agree more with IBQN..he a real smart feller apparently. Upright confirguration with optional water pan is the only way to fly. Being insulated is also a great feature but far from crucial to the operation. They are making them ho made barrels into such works of art I think they need to change the acronym to PDS i.e. Purty Drum Smoker. If you dont have any comp aspirations get to Wally World or Academy Sports and buy yourself an electric Brinkmann Gourmet and a bag of chunks (in case you aint got no trees in your yard..dont buy Cherry..Oak is best and it needs bark on it). The only flavor I have ever had imparted by charcoal is bad. If a chunk of meat survives the Gulf Light and the anthracite coal and pine trees in Kingsford or the varnished floor scraps of Cowboy brand lump the best you can hope for is for it not to add any weird flavors. That is why gas and electric is illegal for comp because its best.

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Re: Questions on smokers..building one..

I cooked on WSMís for years. The good thing is you pull it out of a box and itís done. Also you donít have to fight rust. (Sideways) stick burners are awesome but you need to spend at lt least $700 to get a decent one. Also have fun adding a log every 45 minutes for 12 hours! I built a UDS to try something new. I also like weathered hokey old-school smokers. I have a lot of bbq books and you just donít see some old dude in the south, in the 40s cooken on an $8000 pit. Turns out I sold off the Weber arsenal and am now addicted to the UDS. We have gotten 24 hour burns from of 15 lbs of fuel. They burn 50% less fuel than the WSM. The taste in my opinion is better too. We compete with 4 and have gotten some good calls. Recently 5th in ribs. You get a grill/smoke/roast. Not just a smoke/roast. It adds another profile. WSMís did not even touch the quality of bark that you get on a UDS. There is plenty of moisture and when you open the lid the inside walls are wet. The best part is the crowds that gather around them while at competitions. In CA our competitions are open to the public and there is always a peopleís choice category. We just took 3rd. The award was based on sales and I truly believe that the cookers attracted the crowd. Lastly Itís pretty cool when you are walking to the stage, past the neighboring team that cooked on 2 $4000 FECs! They donít have to be ugly either. Here are mine. I had them sand blasted and high temp powder coated.


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